Green Thumbs in Texas: What Kind of Gardens Can You Cultivate Indoors?

Green Thumbs in Texas: What Kind of Gardens Can You Cultivate Indoors?

Texas can have very dry, sweltering summer days that turn into freezing evenings. The Lone Star State gets the brunt of weather, which can be hard on outdoor gardens. You have to have the perfect soil, temperature, and a proverbial green thumb to cultivate an outdoor garden in Texas.

This article is for those with limited time but high hopes of having a seasonal garden. You will learn about which gardens and plants would be better grown indoors.

The Herb Garden

Windowsills, especially in your kitchen, are perfect places for herb gardens. Use a little rectangular planter, or several small planter pots, and you can grow herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary, and thyme.

The Succulent Garden

Cool succulents are plants that retain water, so they can withstand high heat and thrive with low maintenance care. Some of the most popular succulents for indoor gardening include:

·    Cacti – something like a Christmas Cactus or Pincushion Cactus do well in small planters, so you can place them on a bookshelf with low light and water them occasionally. The Christmas Cactus has beautiful annual blossoms.

Cool succulents

·    The Burro’s Tail is a succulent that juts up and lays over the soil in a planter. It has a sprig of leaves from the top that bears a resemblance to a donkey’s tail.

·    Aloe Vera is a popular plant for its medicinal properties. It grows quickly with low to moderate sunlight and weekly water. When you have a burn, you can break off a leaf, apply the interior goo like a salve, and then aloe plant will regenerate.

You Can Still Be a Gardener from the Comforts of Indoors!

In some cases, it’s easier to grow gardens indoors, especially if you live somewhere like an apartment. You could hang a net over your patio or balcony, then use planter pots, hanging baskets, and rail planters to create a little green oasis. There are loads of indoor gardening possibilities and you have options!