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Decorating Tips For Your Home

We all have a home that we want to make nice and functional.  One of the biggest issues however with a home is that we tend to start out doing something that looks nice but turns out to really clash with everything else.  When decorating your home, you want to work off of the bones and what accents are currently available.  For example, if you have hardwood floor in humble tx they should be the focal point of the room and everything else you do draw your attention to them.

Warm color on the walls

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You want your home to be warm and inviting.  For this reason, you want to either go with a shade of white on your walls or you want to go with a soft earth tone color that will make you feel warm and invited in the home.  When choosing a color for the walls you want to focus on the light that is prominent in the room.  This light should be reflected in the room to make it feel wide open and inviting.

Personal touches

Each room should have a purpose and a personal touch.  This is probably going to be the hardest thing that we do in a room.  Most people will over do what they feel is a personal touch and make the room look awful.  When working on personal touches find a spot in the room that you will see most often.  Then, on that wall or in that area hang a photo, paint a different color or place something there that triggers a memory.  When you can do this the room all of a sudden becomes something and somewhere you want to visit and stay.

Keep it clean

Another thing that you want to do is keep the house clean.  Clutter and disorganization will kill your flow and harmony.  Don’t make your house feel like a museum, but don’t have it junky and cluttered either.  Find a happy balance.